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Keynotes that inspire action.

My goal is to influence and inspire the world to be better people.
I don't just tell an entertaining story - you walk away with practical tips on how to be a better leader.
Joe Mauer and Patrick Nelson at MLB All Star Game

Topics I speak about:

I share my story from growing up in poverty to being wounded in combat in Afghanistan to being addicted to opioids after the Army and the steps that I have taken to overcome it all.
Growth Mindset
I've failed a lot but I don't let it define me. In my keynotes, I share actionable steps you can start taking to exercise a growth mindset.
One of the biggest challenges I've seen organizations face is a lack of accountability. I share with participants the concept of forward-looking accountability and how they can not only develop that themselves but also inspire it in those around them.
Patrick Nelson MMAF Speech
What you can expect from me:
​Inspiration + Relevance + Application
Not only do I bring high levels of positive energy and humor, I make every speech relevant to your specific intent and provide practical guidance that can be applied immediately.
I Serve You
I am low-maintenance and will do everything I can to best serve you and add value to your event.
Patric Nelson Honorary Captain at Minnesota Vikings Football Game
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